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What is the Current Account Switch Service?


​The Current Account Switch Service was launched in 2013 to simplify the switching process and has switched over 3 million accounts since then.

More than 40 banks and building societies are now part of the service and over 99% of UK current accounts are covered.

How it works

Who can switch?



​Anyone with a UK current account, including joint account holders, can switch using the service.

How to switch
Small Businesses, Charities and Trusts

Small Businesses, Charities and Trusts

​More than 99% of all small businesses, charities and trusts can use the service. To be eligible you must have fewer than 50 employees and an annual turnover not exceeding £6.5 million.

How to switch

Why use the Current Account Switch Service?

Why use the

Current Account Switch Service?

It's easy

​Simply open a new current account, decide when you want to switch and then your new bank or building society will take care of the rest. This includes moving all your incoming and outgoing payments, moving your outstanding balance and closing your old account. ​


​The process is the same everywhere, so you’ll know what to expect when you switch, no matter which bank or building society you choose.

It's open to everyone

​Anyone with a UK current account can use our service, including joint account holders, small businesses and charities. 


Over 40 UK banks and building societies are signed up to the service, meaning that you can be confident that the process will be the same wherever you switch.

It's free and guaranteed

It doesn’t cost a penny to use the service. Over 40 UK bank and building societies are signed up and they will offer the service as standard when switching current accounts. 


Thanks to the Guarantee, in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, you can be confident that any interest or charges you incur as a result of any problem with your switch will be refunded.


To make sure you know everything about the switching process, visit our interactive guide.

Take a look

A Customer's View

  • ​I switched my main current account, which I had used for many years, and which had all my direct debits and standing orders set up. Using the Current Account Switch Service was easy, went without a hitch and my new account took over seamlessly where the old one left off, enabling me to get the benefits of a higher interest paying account with no hassle.

    Steve Rose Current account user
    Steve Rose
  • ​I switched one of my accounts a couple of years back now. The whole process was smooth, fast and reliable. I was very impressed that even my existing standing orders moved from my old account to my new account.

    Ben Peacock Current account user
    Ben Peacock
  • ​The process was incredibly easy and I would highly recommend everyone consider using the service.

    David Glasglow
  • After some trepidation, I decided to use the Current Account Switch Service, I found it very easy, and the problems I had anticipated, such as Direct Debits not being paid, and wages not getting to the new accounts, did not happen.  I was very happy with the service, and would not hesitate to use it again, if I decided to change again.

    Sue Curry Cornwall
    Sue Curry
  • I was able to fill in the simple forms online in the comfort of my own home. Nothing could be easier! I was kept up to date with every aspect of the switch and was able to choose my own switch date. All of my payments in and out were swapped correctly. All in all, a fantastic service that makes it easy to move confidently to a bank that you are happier with.

    Stephanie Earl Warwickshire
    Stephanie Earl
  • I was reluctant to switch bank accounts as I thought the process would be arduous. I was wrong! It took very little time and virtually no effort on my part. No bills were missed or problems were encountered. I have recommended it to friends and family!

    Felicity Hebden Bridge

About the Current Account Switch Service

The Current Account Switch Service is run by Bacs, the not-for-profit organisation behind Direct Debit in the UK. Over 40 UK banks and building societies participate in the service and have signed up to the Current Account Switch Guarantee. Read the Current Account Switch Guarantee.