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A smooth switch for you
​​​​​​The Current Account Switch Service makes switching your current account simple, reliable and stress-free.

You could even switch with an overdraft, just speak to your new bank first.

Your switch is guaranteed

Over 4 million current accounts have been switched so far and more than 40 banks and building societies are already part of the service.

The Current Account Switch Guarantee means that your new bank takes care of closing your old account, moving your balance and switching your payments. So you don’t need to worry.
The Switch Guarantee means that your new bank or building society will:
  • ​Switch your current account for free
  • Switch your account on a day you choose
  • Move all of the payments, coming in and going out, from your old to your new account
  • Transfer your balance from your old account on the switch date you choose
  • Redirect any payments accidentally made to your old account and get the sender to correct your details
  • Refund you for any missed payments or fees incurred as a result of your switch

Why switch?

Take advantage of the great current account deals out there.

Your personal current account

For anyone with a UK current account, including joint account holders.
You can benefit from:

  • Cashback
  • Helpful apps
  • and more​​

Your business current account

For small businesses, charities and trusts who have less than 50 employees and an annual turnover of less than £6.5m.
You can benefit from:

  • Free banking
  • Exclusive access to new products
  • and more​​

An easy switching process

We guarantee a smooth switch. All you need to do is:
Open your new current account
Pick a switch date
Let your new bank or building society do the rest

Satisfied Switchers

  • ​When I decided to switch my bank account I received an incentive from the bank to whom I was switching to. It was a completely seamless process and I would have no hesitation in recommending this service to my family and friends.​​

    Michael Perryment London
    Michael Perryment
  • ​I was unhappy with aspects of changes to be made to my then account and decided to switch accounts. After considering all the local options, I made my decision and was pleasantly surprised at how simple and free from problems the process was.​​

    Allen Southport
  • ​I had been unhappy with my bank provider for some time but thought switching would be a hassle. My new bank took care of everything and it was seamless - I am much happier with my new bank and switching was easy.​

    Kate Lovell Hitchin
    Kate Lovell
  • I had delayed switching for a long time, thinking it would be too much hassle; but the end of a particular deal with my old bank prompted me to make the effort. It was a very good decision. Not only was the switching process quick and hassle-free, I was able to secure a much better deal with my new bank.

    Joy Lewis Current account user
    Joy Lewis
  • ​I switched to my current account provider due to the switching deal they were offering. I was initially nervous about the process in case bill payments and my salary didn't go through on time. However, the process was smooth and took just 7 days. All bill payments were switched over and my salary went into my new account with no issues.​

    Joanne Current account user
  • ​I visited our local branch and they did everything for us. All our money was transferred and was hassle free. We were given £100 for switching and never looked back. Great service all round!

    Jason Cwmbran
  • ​I switched my main current account, which I had used for many years, and which had all my direct debits and standing orders set up. Using the Current Account Switch Service was easy, went without a hitch and my new account took over seamlessly where the old one left off, enabling me to get the benefits of a higher interest paying account with no hassle.

    Steve Rose Current account user
    Steve Rose

Participating banks and building societies

Take a look at the banks and building societies who are part of the Current Account Switch Service below.

Got a question?

Take a look at our FAQs for answers.​

Read our FAQs